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πŸ“Š Cybersecurity Funding Review - June 2022

Cybersecurity Funding Review - A lookback at what moved the cybersecurity market in June 2022.

Mike P
Mike P

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Each month I do a quick recap of cybersecurity funding and acquisition stats by the numbers with visuals.

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At a Glance

A lookback at what moved the cybersecurity market in June 2022.

  • Approximately $919.6M was invested in 54 cybersecurity companies across 33 unique product categories in June 2022, which was a significant drop from the $1.9B invested in 62 companies in May 2022.
  • 10 Series B rounds accounted for 43.4% or $339.0M of funding
  • Almost 70% of funding when to United States-based companies, a 10% drop from May 2022, with 18% of funding going to Israeli companies.
  • Anetcdotally, capital for cybersecurity companies went a bit more global than in previous months. This could have been in part to the beginning of tightening down on investments globally as VCs and PEGs had to be a bit more methodical about their investments.
  • 19 companies across 11 unique product categories accounted for $700.0M merger or acquisition events
  • Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) were once again the most acquired category of company, followed by the Secure Networking category.

Top Funded Product Categories

  • $110.0M for Continuous Compliance
  • $101.3M for Data Access Governance
  • $84.5M for Data Protection
  • $70.0M for SaaS Security
  • $61.5M for Application Security

Top Funded Industries

  • $824.1M for No Industry (none)
  • $50.0M for Government
  • $15.0M for Financial Services
  • $11.6M for Insurance
  • $7.4M for Consumer

Top Lead Investor Teams

  • $110.0M for Craft Ventures
  • $100.0M for NightDragon Security
  • $70.0M for Thoma Bravo
  • $60.0M for National Grid Partners (NGP)
  • $53.0M for Acrew Capital

Top Countries Funded

  • $642.0M for United States
  • $168.3M for Israel
  • $29.3M for United Kingdom
  • $23.4M for France
  • $22.5M for Denmark

Data Collection Methodology

A few tenants I follow for collecting and creating this data:

  • I only use public data sources
  • I evaluate each company that makes this list to make sure they are solving a cybersecurity problem
  • I personally assign the product category for each company (regardless of what their marketing says)
  • All funding and acquisition values are in U.S. dollars
  • All funding amounts are from the time of collection

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