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My Must Read List

A continuously updated list of books that have helped me the most throughout my career and my life (so far).

Mike P
Mike P

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Throughout my career I've found that taking a well-rounded, more global approach to solving problems is often the most useful path.

There is so much you can learn from hearing the stories, adversities, and triumphs from situations and people outside of your every day life.

None of these books are specifically about the cybersecurity field, but all of these books have helped me become a better tech and cybersecurity person.

None of these books have affiliate links and I'm not associated with the authors in any way, these are just the books that I have found useful.

For getting your life together

For process optimization & DevOps (in order)

For getting acclimated to a new role & strategy

For building and leading great teams

For navigating uncertainty and turnaround situations

For getting better at negotiations

For entrepreneurship

For better understanding different perspectives

I'll continue to update this list as I read through more books.

Have a book that I definitely need to read and add to this list that changed your perspective? Let me know!