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What is Security, Funded?

Security, Funded is a weekly dose of what's moving the market and driving value in the cybersecurity and privacy space. Money flows where the market goes.

Each issue is a snapshot review of the previous week's activity on funding in the cybersecurity and privacy spaces. You get a breakdown by product category and by company, along with curated content each week.

Here's what people are saying:
Love reading these, man!  Always something new to learn here and it’s fascinating to see where the money is going.
The value you provide in updating what segments are attracting dollars is a great take.
It helps me understand why some product categories are such a hot topic!
I love the intersection of cybersecurity and business!
A concise and fast read, and I always enjoy the curated articles.
I like getting situational awareness of all the newest upcoming companies.

How do I do it?

Each week I scour various sources across the Internet to look for the latest happenings in cybersecurity funding.

Here's what I do with each bit of funding news:

  • I check out each company and verify that they are, in fact, solving a cybersecurity challenge.
  • I assign the company the most logical product category.
  • I write the description of each company in a digestible way.

I also track and create many other various data points for Pro Member reports and for those who have access to the data feed.

I do my own analysis on this front as an operator and buyer of cybersecurity products for more than two decades.

The goal is to cut through the often confusing marketing hype and lay out what you need to know to make better decisions.