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Pro Reports are the inside track for people who buy, invest in, or use cybersecurity products.

Pro Reports have two flavors:

  1. A deep dive into a cybersecurity product market space.
  2. An analysis on funding and trends in the cybersecurity space.

Get a quick orientation on the topics, the players, and the investors in this space.

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Pro Reports features insights and practical advice to help you:

  • Spend less time evaluating vendors and technologies
  • Stay current with where the field is heading
  • Quickly understand investing trends and where to focus your efforts
  • Reduce confusion from vendor marketing fluff
  • Avoid investments that are not worth the effort that can cost you time and money
  • Surface opportunities you may not otherwise know exist

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"It's like a better version of a Gartner report."
”There's a lot of InfoSec products out there, the interesting ones get the focus, and your newsletters cut through the noise!”
"I love the thought leadership around anti-phishing."
"Super informative and useful."
"This really helped me contextualize the SOAR vendor landscape."
“Good succinct summary and resource.”

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There are two ways to get access to the Pro Reports:

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