Return on Security Tech Stack

As a solopreneur, choosing high-quality, affordable technology is a key part of building out my platforms. This full list shares all of the tech I use at Return on Security.

Mike P
Mike P

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I've gotten several questions about the tech stack I use to run Return on Security, so I wanted to write up a quick guide on what I use.

What tech stack to use is hotly debated regardless of what field you are in. You can waste days, weeks, and months agonizing over which stack optimizes the best.

With that being said, here are my main thoughts:

All stacks have trade-offs. Use what you're comfortable using or already know how to use.

I can't give you much better advice than that. At least to start.

Get consistency first and then worry about learning new things later after you've had some initial traction.

Here's what I use (yes, some of these are affiliate links):

See something that's missing from my stack that I should be using? Let me know!