๐Ÿ’ฐ Security, Funded #10

Cybersecurity funding and M&A news from the week of September 6th, 2021.

Mike P
Mike P

Table of Contents


  • 6 companies raised $775.5M

By Category

  • $530.0M for Software Security
  • $200.0M for Cloud Security
  • $30.0M for Zero Trust
  • $15.5M for Privacy
  • An undisclosed amount for Threat Intelligence
  • An undisclosed amount for Secret Computing

By Company

  • Snyk, a developer security platform for securing code, raised a $530.0M Series F.
  • Aviatrix, a multi-cloud network platform that provides security and operational visibility, raised a $200.0M Series E.
  • TrueFort, a zero trust cloud application workload security platform, raised a $30.0M Series B.
  • Borneo, a real-time data security and privacy observability platform for security practitioners, raised a $15.5M Series A.
  • Intel 471, a cybersecurity and cybercrime threat intelligence platform, raised an undisclosed amount on a Private Equity round.
  • Inpher, a secret computing technology for privacy-preserving machine learning and AI, raised an undisclosed amount on a Venture Round.

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