๐Ÿ’ฐ Security, Funded #36

The Security, Funded newsletter issue #36 - Cybersecurity funding and M&A news from the week of March 21st, 2022.

Mike P
Mike P

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Good morning,

Funding doubled from last week showing that venture capital investment in this space is not slowing doing for long despite broader economic factors at play.

Let's dive in.

Funding by product category

๐Ÿ’ฐ Summary

  • 15 companies raised $405.3M across 11 unique product categories
  • 2 companies were acquired or had a merger event

๐Ÿงฉ By Product Category

  • $150.0M for Data Protection
  • $115.0M for Remote Browser Isolation
  • $45.0M for Cloud Security
  • $25.0M for Privacy
  • $21.0M for Application Security
  • $20.0M for Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM)
  • $16.0M for Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • $5.3M for Threat Intelligence
  • $5.0M for Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • $3.0M for Security Operations
  • An undisclosed amount for Anti-Bot


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๐Ÿข By Company

  • Island, a secure remote browser isolation platform, raised a $115.0M Series B from Insight Partners.
  • TokenEx, a data tokenization platform for offloading sensitive data for third-party partners, raised a $100.0M Series B from K1 Investment Management.
  • Theta Lake, a data protection and compliance platform for universal collaboration platforms like Slack, Zoom, and WebEx, raised a $50.0M Series B from Battery Ventures.
  • MixMode, a cloud security anomaly detection platform, raised a $45.0M Series B from PSG.
  • D-ID, a facial image de-identification platform, raised a $25.0M Series B from Macquarie Capital.
  • ForAllSecure, an automated application security testing platform, raised a $21.0M Series B from Koch Disruptive Technologies.
  • Nucleus Security, an automated threat and vulnerability remediation platform, raised a $20.0M Series B from Lead Edge Capital.
  • Clear Skye, an identity and access management (IAM) lifecycle management and governance platform, raised a $14.0M Series A from Storm Ventures.
  • Apono, a privileged access management (PAM) platform for cloud services, raised a $5.0M Seed from Meron Capital.
  • ThreatBlockr, a threat intelligence platform that integrates into your firewalls and SOAR platforms to block news threats, raised a $5.0M Series A from Gula Tech Adventures.
  • AgileBlue, a SOC-as-a-Service company, raised a $3.0M Preferred Round from Tribeca Early Stage Partners.
  • Secfense, a platform that learns user authentication flows and helps enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) and zero-trust principles, raised a $2.0M Venture Round from Bartosz Dobrzyล„ski.
  • Threat Jammer, a threat intelligence API service, raised a $330.0K Pre-Seed.
  • F8th, a customer authentication platform that protects against bot identity attacks, raised an undisclosed Grant from Google Cloud Accelerator Canada.
  • SandboxAQ, a post-quantum cryptography (PQC) sandbox platform spun out from Alphabet (Google), raised an undisclosed Venture Round from Breyer Capital.

๐Ÿค Mergers & Acquisitions

๐Ÿ” Secure The Job

If you're looking for new opportunities (actively or passively), I've got two ways to help:

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๐Ÿ“… Events

2022 Blu Cyber Summit and Cyber Tank Pitch Competition

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The 2022 Blu Cyber Summit, now in its fourth year, is a premier cybersecurity startup event on the East Coast. The event โ€“ which takes place on May 10-11 in North Bethesda, MD, just outside of Washington, DC โ€“ brings together startups, investors, CISOs, and cybersecurity professionals for the primary purpose of opening doors for the next deal, whether that be your next sale, your next fundraise, an exit, or anything in between.

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