💰 Security, Funded #4

The Security, Funded newsletter issue #4 - Cybersecurity funding and M&A news from the week of July 26th, 2021.

Mike P
Mike P

Table of Contents


  • 8 companies raised $463.0M

By Category

  • $185.0M for Cyber Insurance
  • $100.0M for Internet Security
  • $100.0M for Identity and Access Management
  • $32.0M for Zero Trust
  • $20.0M for Managed Security Services Provider
  • $15.0M for Cloud Security Posture Management
  • $11.0M for Personal Cybersecurity

By Company

  • At-Bay, a cybersecurity insurance company, raised a $185.0M Series D.
  • 1Password, a password management platform, raised a $100.1M Series B.
  • ActiveFence, is a software startup detecting harmful content, online radicalization, and identifying influence campaigns, raised a $100.0M Series B.
  • Cyolo, a zero trust security company, raised a $21.0M Series A.
  • SolCyber, a managed security services provider (MSSP) offering a curated stack of enterprise-grade security tools, raised a $20.0M Series A.
  • Noetic Cyber, a cloud continuous cyber asset management and controls platform provider, raised a $15.0M Series A.
  • Infinipoint, a zero trust security company for workstations and mobile devices, raised a $11.0M Seed.
  • BLACKCLOAK, a concierge cybersecurity and privacy protection platform for executives and high-net-worth individuals, raised a $11.0M Series A.

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