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Here's a growing list of the podcasts, conferences, and events that I've spoken at. You can also use this site to inquire about me speaking at your next event!


A few areas that I can speak on include:

  • Building cybersecurity programs at startups
  • Data Protection and building data protection capabilities
  • Security Engineering & Architecture
  • Cloud Security
  • Emerging Trends & Current Events
  • Career Advancement & Growth


The challenges of managing cybersecurity and compliance threats for a government-focused services provider

Capability-Centric GRC & Cyber Security Podcast

Cybersecurity Talent Management, managing risks, and CISO priorities

Why Cybersecurity is Hot Right Now

RE: Human Layer Security

Venture capital trends in cybersecurity from a Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO) point of view and how to effectively sell to people who work in cybersecurity.

Threats CISOs are Facing in 2023

ThreatX Live Q&A

Mike, Sydney, and Jeremy discuss topics related to:

  • Lessons learned from the threats of 2022
  • Economic threats in 2023
  • Attack patterns of 2023

IT Matters

Cybersecurity trends in buying, how to assess a new company from a security perspective, getting into cybersecurity

Two CISOs discuss the conviction of ex-Uber CISO, Joe Sullivan

Sales Bluebird for cybersecurity sales teams & leaders

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) talk about what we know about the ex-Uber CISO criminal case and what it might mean for the cybersecurity industry.

More Than a CISO

Aspiron Search

My own career progression to become a CISO, talking about starting a newsletter and being a content creator, and doing VC advisory work.


Modern Challenges with Renewing Your Cyber Insurance

Understanding cyber insurance and how to get the right level of coverage in today’s world

Opkalla Tech Summit 2022 was an in-person conference focused on cybersecurity practices, current cyber threats, and helping companies with their cybersecurity initiatives.

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