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Return on Security highlights the responsibility and potential of investing in cybersecurity.

What is this place?

Return on Security consists of three things:

  1. This website. Original ideas on career advancement, security trends, and other security topics.
  2. Security, Funded. A free weekly newsletter highlighting investing in the cybersecurity space with curated content. When you subscribe to this site with a free account, this is the newsletter you get.
  3. Cybersecurity Product Trend Reports. Free reports for people who buy, invest, or use cybersecurity products. These reports include deep dives into cybersecurity products spaces and a monthly roll-up version of the "Security, Funded" newsletter with additional trends and insights.

The Goal

The goal of Return on Security is to be one of the most unique resources for cybersecurity professionals worldwide. To have fresh content that people actively engage with and learn from is key.

Return on Security gives situational awareness, inside context, and insights about working in or around the cybersecurity field.

It dives deep into the thinking and mindset of someone who has been a career operator as a cybersecurity person.

Why "Return on Security"?

Return on Security [Investment]. Investing can be in the form of money, time, or contributions to the field. How you choose to invest can be an active or passive activity.

This site is information that I've experienced and gathered first-hand throughout my career in the field.

Return on Security is how I am choosing to invest with my own time, money, and contributions.

Who are you?

Who am I? I'm Mike Privette. I'm a security practitioner by day and a writer, newsletter creator, venture capital advisor, and investor by day/night/weekend.

If you want to know more about my professional background, let's connect on LinkedIn.

I write and make digital products about career advancement, running a business, and cybersecurity.  

Sometimes all at the same time.