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Mike P

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Hello Friends!

As we wrap up the end of 2021, I got an idea I wanted to share. Tax time is right around the corner, and I know many people use Return on Security as a business resource. Whether it's to help with understanding a product market, find potential targets for deal sourcing, or just general education, there's something for everyone.

In years past, my accountant has always told me:

"Pay upfront for any training or resources you're planning on needing next year and we can deduct it this year."

I thought I'd pass that idea on, with a little incentive.

From now until the end of the year, use discount code "deduction" on the annual Pro Membership for Return on Security.

I'll start it at 30% today, 28% tomorrow, etc — until we close out the year. An incentive for action if you will.

The link to the discount changes every day as I archive the previous day's offer, so check back on this page or on my Twitter thread.
  • 30% Off
  • 28% Off
  • 26% Off
  • 24% Off
  • 22% Off
  • 20% Off
  • 18% Off
  • 16% Off
  • 14% Off
  • 12% Off
  • 10% Off

Thank you for your support this year.

To a prosperous 2022,

Mike P