Advertise to an audience of key decision-makers looking to stay current on market trends.

Promote your brand to an audience that is passionate about understanding the trends, players, and investors who are shaping the cybersecurity market.

Pricing and Availability

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What Content Does The Best?

We live in a noisy world and there is nothing more important than creating a direct relationship with someone.

For those of us who are close to the cybersecurity industry, this is even more apparent.

This is a highly engaged audience. The sponsors that get the best traction are those who can offer something above and beyond their standard branding messaging.

The best performers have content that looks like this:

  • Webinars (live or pre-recorded)

  • Workshops

  • Fireside Chats

  • Whitepapers or eBooks

  • Emerging research or technical posts breaking down a complex topic

  • Salary insights (everyone wants to get paid)

  • Industry or "State of the [X]" style reports

The number of clicks through to your ad is influenced by: Your offer, the quality of your ad copy, the wording in your CTA, and more.

It’s also important to note that newsletters are more closely aligned to influencer marketing over traditional paid advertising.

Types of Sponsors

Who would be a good fit to sponsor this newsletter?

Return on Security is about providing unique content that advances readers from where they are. Any person, project, or resource that offers advancement could be a good fit.

Examples can include:

  • Cybersecurity or privacy product companies of any stage

  • Organizations focused on a safer and more private Internet

  • Digital products (i.e., eBooks, courses, etc.)

  • Productized services

  • Boutique consulting services or investment groups

  • Industry research groups

  • Services that create a "better pickaxe" for people in the trenches mining for information

  • Non-US companies looking to get exposure to the US market

The domain does not have to be in cybersecurity, but it does have to be useful and move people forward.

Why Sponsor this Newsletter?

Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Email has some of the best returns of any marketing channel.

  • It's more targeted than running ads on other mediums.

  • It's a great way to get visibility for your brand or project to an active audience.

  • You can have a hand in supporting independent publishing.

  • You can help support me to continue writing and improving content.

Sponsorship Issue Metrics

I provide the following metrics to help you understand the return on [security] investment for each sponsored issue:

  • The number of subscribers the email was sent to

  • The number of unique users who opened the email

  • The newsletter clickthrough rate (CTR)

  • The number of unique users who clicked the sponsored link

Metrics will be provided approximately one week after the sponsored issue to allow people time to open emails and engage with the social media content.

What's Not Included

Sponsoring this newsletter is a simple value exchange.

Sponsoring the newsletter does not:

  • Get your company access to the companies I work for or partner with

  • Guarantee I'll take a product demo or talk to your sales team

Privacy is also very important, so I will not share:

  • Any names or email addresses of subscribers

  • Any names or email addresses of subscribers who interacted with sponsored content

  • Any information about users who engaged with the sponsored tweet thread or LinkedIn post

Companies get a canvas to shoot their best shots to a group of highly engaged decision-makers, buyers, and investors in this industry.

Make it count.