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Real-Time Cybersecurity Company Market Tracker: Public Company Data & Insights

Discover real-time performance and funding trends of public cybersecurity companies with the dynamic market tracker. A valuable, free data source offering in-depth insights into 'Pure Play' and 'Hybrid' companies in the cybersecurity sector. Ideal for professionals, investors, and enthusiasts seeking up-to-date market intelligence.

Have you ever wondered how public cybersecurity companies are performing in real time? Well, wonder no more!

Here is a dynamic market tracker for the latest updates on the market performance and funding data of public cybersecurity firms. This data is updated automatically every two hours with publicly available market data, and I’m always adding more context to it.

While I have personally spent many, many hours and much of my own personal money collecting, refining, and validating this data, I am making this a free resource. This database that shares detailed information on publicly available funding and market data from public cybersecurity companies, combined with Return on Security’s own product categories and designations between “Hybrid” and “Pure Play” companies.

My goal?

Transparency and utility for everyone in the cybersecurity field.

This interactive list includes up-to-date information on current public companies, those delisted or shut down, and firms taken private via M&A. You can easily play around with the data in Airtable with or without an account!

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Pure Play vs. Hybrid

For reference, here is how I am defining “pure play” vs. “hybrid” cybersecurity companies

  • Pure Play - A “pure play” cybersecurity company is a specialist company that dedicates everything it does to cybersecurity. It does not dabble in things outside of this space, its whole business revolves around creating and providing cybersecurity products, services, and solutions. Companies with this designation are easy to tell apart from others. CrowdStrike is a great example here.

  • Hybrid - A “hybrid” company offers a broader range of products and services, not just cybersecurity ones. It might also provide technology solutions that are closely aligned with cybersecurity. Cloudflare is a great example here. Companies with this designation are the subject of much debate.

For the sake of this list, I am excluding the hyper-scale cloud companies like Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, etc. They all have thriving cybersecurity businesses, but it is not their main focus, and “the line” has to be drawn somewhere.

Tech Eras Over Time

Here is a key to help understand the different technology eras over time and how they are commonly referred to:

Year RangePeriod Description
Before 1991Pre-Internet Era
1991 - 1994Early Internet Era
1995 - 2002Dotcom Bubble
2003 - 2009Post-Dotcom Bubble to Great Recession
2010 - 2011Recovery and Digital Expansion
2012 - 2020High-Burn / High-Growth
2021 - 2022High-Burn / Slowing-Growth
2023 - PresentExpense Management

Data Methodology and Sources

  • All of the data is captured point-in-time from publicly available sources.

  • All financial figures are converted to U.S. dollars (USD) when collected.

  • Company country locations are pulled from publicly available sources.

  • Companies are categorized using our own system at Return on Security, and we write all of the company descriptions.

  • Sometimes, the details about deals, like who's in, how much they're giving, or the deal stage, might get updated after we first share the news.

  • If you spot any errors, let us know, and we’ll fix them.


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