The Return on Security Tech Stack

Dive into the essential tech tools powering Return on Security. Discover a curated guide of software and platforms chosen for their efficiency and effectiveness in running a cybersecurity-focused site. Learn from firsthand experiences and insights on choosing the right tech stack, balancing trade-offs, and achieving consistency in the digital landscape.

Updated for 2023

I've gotten several questions about the tech stack I use to run Return on Security, so I wanted to write up a quick guide on what I use.

What tech stack to use is hotly debated regardless of what field you are in. You can waste days, weeks, and months agonizing over which stack optimizes the best.

With that being said, here are my main thoughts:

All stacks have trade-offs. Use what you're comfortable using or already know how to use.

I can't give you much better advice than that. At least to start.

Cut out the shiny new tool syndrome as quickly as you can after you find what works. These tools aren’t forever, and your style, flow, and business can change over time.

Get consistency first, and then worry about learning new things and changing platforms later after you've had some initial traction.

Here's what I use:

These links do have affiliate codes, but there’s no additional cost or change of service to you.

I’ve personally paid for all of these tools and am not getting sponsored for these recommendations. You can still go directly to the website without the affiliate links.

See something that's missing from my stack that I should be using? Let me know!


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