💰 Security, Funded #11

A deep dive on cybersecurity funding and industry news from the week of September 13, 2021.


  • 15 companies raised $793.6M

By Category

  • $250.0M for Third-Party Risk

  • $213.0M for Identity and Access Management

  • $128.0M for Cyber Insurance

  • $85.0M for Data Protection

  • $53.2M for Privacy

  • $30.0M for Cloud Security

  • $17.0M for Security Awareness

  • $8.0M for Continuous Compliance

  • $7.0M for Threat Detection

  • $2.4M for Threat Intelligence

By Company

  • BitSight, a platform that rates companies' security programs and effectiveness, raised a $250.0M Venture Round.

  • JumpCloud, a cloud directory platform that unifies disparate IT resources at companies, raised a $159.0M Series F.

  • Envelop Risk, a global specialty cyber and emerging risk underwriting firm, raised a $128.0M Series B.

  • Rewind, a backup solution for SaaS data, raised a $65.0M Series B.

  • StrongDM, an infrastructure access and auditing platform, raised a $54.0M Series B.

  • Rezilion, an autonomous cloud workload protection platform, raised a $30.0M Series A.

  • Relyance AI, a privacy and data governance solution allowing for collaboration of data protection and compliance efforts, raised a $25.0M Series A and a $5.0M Seed.

  • Satori Cyber, a continuous visibility and mapping platform for data flows and data stores, raised a $20.0M Series A.

  • Ketch, a data control platform that manages compliance with privacy regulations, raised a $20.0M Series A.

  • Kolide, a user-focused endpoint security platform for teams that Slack, raised a $17.0M Series B.

  • Strike Graph, a compliance SaaS solution simplifying security certifications such as SOC 2 Type I/II, raised a $8.0M Series A.

  • Cynamics, a network monitoring solution built for smart city and critical infrastructure networks, raised a $7.0M Venture Round.

  • Private AI, a privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing tools for GDPR compliance, raised a $3.2M Seed.

  • 4Securitas, a platform focused on stopping cyber threats at the pre-attack phase, raised a $2.4M Seed.


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