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We've got a lot of variation on product categories this week in the newsletter and more than a few of them made me go 🤔

You'll also start to notice more events on fraud and financial crimes as well as Web3 technologies, as there is a great convergence happening in these spaces with cybersecurity.

Let's dive in.


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Funding by product category

💰 Summary

  • 15 companies raised $429.1M across 13 unique product categories

  • 5 companies were acquired or had a merger event for $6.8M

🧩 By Product Category

  • $125.0M for Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM)

  • $103.0M for Fraud & Financial Crime Protection

  • $100.0M for Endpoint Protection

  • $60.0M for Blockchain Security

  • $25.3M for Data Protection

  • $5.4M for Penetration Testing

  • $5.0M for Security Data Lake (SDL)

  • $2.7M for Threat Intelligence

  • $2.4M for Secure Messaging

  • $255.0K for Personal Cybersecurity

  • An undisclosed amount for Secure Networking

  • An undisclosed amount for Professional Services

  • An undisclosed amount for Passwordless Authentication



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🏢 By Company

  • Fortress Information Security, a threat and vulnerability management (TVM) platform, raised a $125.0M Series C from Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

  • ThreatLocker, a platform that adds zero trust policy enforcement to the endpoint, raised a $100.0M Series C from General Atlantic.

  • SEON, a fraud prevention platform, raised a $94.0M Series B from Institutional Venture Partners.

  • CertiK, a blockchain security company, raised a $60.0M Series B from Tiger Global Management, SoftBank Vision Fund.

  • Basis Theory, a data tokenization company, raised a $17.0M Series A from Bessemer Venture Partners and Conversion Capital.

  • Themis, a governance and compliance platform for financial crimes, raised a $9.0M Venture Round from.

  • Privy, an API platform for encrypting Web3 user data, raised a $3.8M Seed from Sequoia Capital.

  • Strike, an automated and continuous pen testing platform, raised a $5.4M Seed from Greyhound Capital.

  • Dassana, a cloud security data lake platform, raised a $5.0M Seed from Dell Technologies Capital.

  • alphaMountain, a cyber threat intelligence platform, raised a $2.7M Seed from Prelude Fund.

  • SpiderOak, a secure messaging and collaboration platform, raised a $2.4M Venture Round.

  • Arbor Steel, a platform that lets individuals share their identity verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) information in a secure and auditable fashion, raised a $255.0K Pre-Seed.

  • Authtech, a platform that uses your cell phone camera flash to authenticate mobile transactions, raised an undisclosed Seed.

  • Synergy Quantum, a post-quantum encryption networking company, raised an undisclosed Seed.

  • Xahive, a professional services firm focused on secure communications, raised an undisclosed Seed.

🤝 Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Netbull, a professional services firm focused on incident response and operations, was acquired by ADACOM for $6.8M.

  • Cyberian Technologies, a professional services firm focused on cybersecurity, was acquired by Meriplex for an undisclosed amount.

  • Elevative Networks, a managed services provider (MSP), was acquired by Rimstorm for an undisclosed amount.

  • Kognos, a cloud security operations platform, was acquired by Devo Technology for an undisclosed amount.

  • SOC.OS, a security operations center as a service (SOCaaS) platform, was acquired by Sophos for an undisclosed amount.

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Some OpSec fails are totally worth it for the lulz

 This may be an OPSEC fail, but I am very proud of my wifi naming skills. pic.twitter.com/DLPyYIrcXe— aloria (@aloria) April 17, 2022 

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