💰 Security, Funded #43

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Last week I got to spend time at the Blu Cyber Summit and meet some friends, both old and new. Some people I had been talking to online for 2-3 years and just now got to meet in real life!

I also got the chance to see some up-and-coming cybersecurity companies and hear about the funding landscape as a whole, which was really fun for me. 🤓

Big shout out to the Blu Ventures team for putting on this well-done event! 👏

Email Security led the way with two investments making up over 50% of last week's total, with DFIR taking a commanding second place.

Let's dive in.

Funding by product category

💰 Summary

  • 16 companies raised $615.3M across 11 unique product categories

  • 3 companies were acquired or had a merger event

🧩 By Product Category

  • $310.0M for Email Security

  • $170.0M for Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

  • $47.7M for Secure Messaging

  • $35.6M for Data Protection

  • $20.7M for Application Security

  • $8.5M for Internet of Things (IoT) Security

  • $6.0M for Security Operations

  • $5.8M for Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • $4.6M for Software Supply Chain Security

  • $4.0M for Personal Cybersecurity

  • $2.5M for Privacy



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🏢 By Company

  • Abnormal Security, an email security company, raised a $210.0M Series C from Insight Partners.

  • Chainalysis, a crypto and blockchain investigation and forensics firm, raised a $170.0M Series F from GIC.

  • Material Security, a platform that protects email accounts even after they’re compromised or harmful messages get through, raised a $100.0M Series C from Andreessen Horowitz.

  • VIDA, a digital signature and secure messaging platform, raised a $47.7M Series A from Hedosophia.

  • Casa, a Bitcoin secure key management platform, raised a $21.0M Series A from Acrew Capital, Positive Sum Ventures, and Naval Ravikant.

  • StackHawk, an application security platform, raised a $20.7M Series B from Costanoa Ventures and Sapphire Ventures.

  • Concentric AI, an inventory and risk management platform for unstructured data, raised a $14.5M Series A from Ballistic Ventures.

  • devOcean Security, a cloud threat aggregation platform for security operations teams, raised a $6.0M Seedfrom private individual investors.

  • Xage Security, a blockchain-protected security platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), raised a $6.0M Series B from Overture VC and SCF Partners.

  • BalkanID, an identity governance and management platform, raised a $5.8M Seed from Afore Capital.

  • Socket, a supply chain software security platform, raised a $4.6M Seed from Village Global and Unusual Ventures.

  • Sunday Security, a personal cybersecurity platform for corporate executives and high net worth individuals, raised a $4.0M Seed from MoreVC.

  • Barbara IoT, an Internet of Things (IoT) security platform, raised a $2.5M Seed from Caixa Capital Risc.

  • Kertos, a data privacy platform, raised a $2.5M Seed from 10X Founders.

  • SylLab Systems, a cryptography-as-a-service (CaaS) platform, raised a $75.0K Grant from Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation.

  • Netz Beweis, a digital forensics tool for websites, raised an undisclosed Venture Round.

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