💰 Security, Funded #35

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8 companies raised $202.8M across 7 unique product categories and Veracode was acquired (again) for $2.5B.

Acquisitions continue to raise, not only in deal size, but also in total volume of transactions. I believe this is an indicator of companies making "safer" bets due to the geopolitical landscape by acquiring already established businesses instead of making "riskier" bets on unproven startups.

Let's dive in.

Funding by product category

💰 Summary

  • 8 companies raised $202.8M across 7 unique product categories

  • 7 companies were acquired or had a merger event for $3.2B

🧩 By Product Category

  • $100.0M for Cyber Insurance

  • $37.0M for Continuous Compliance

  • $28.0M for Security Operations

  • $23.2M for Network Security

  • $13.0M for Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM)

  • $1.7M for Cybersecurity Education & Training

  • An undisclosed amount for Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)



Developer-first codified securityBridgecrew is the all-in-one DevSecOps platformFor built-in security and compliance from code to cloud, try Bridgecrew for free. Within minutes, you’ll get automated security scanning, easy PR fixes, drift detection, IAM right-sizing, and more.

🏢 By Company

  • Cowbell Cyber, a cyber insurance company, raised a $100.0M Series B.

  • Apptega, a continuous compliance platform, raised a $37.0M Private Equity Round.

  • Todyl, a networking and security platform built for MSPs, raised a $28.0M Series A.

  • Rumble Network Discovery, a network discovery and asset inventory platform, raised a $15.0M Series A.

  • Hackuity, a vulnerability prioritization and automated patching platform, raised a $13.0M Series A.

  • OneLayer, a mobile network security company for private cellular (LTE/5G) networks, raised a $8.2M Seed.

  • Forge Institute, a training academy to upskill the next generation of the cybersecurity workforce, raised a $1.7M Grant.

  • Senteon, a systems hardening and drift management platform for managed security services providers (MSSPs), raised an undisclosed Seed.

🤝 Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Veracode, a secure code development platform, was acquired by TA Associates for $2.5B.

  • Attivo Networks, an identity protection platform across the endpoint and cloud, was acquired by SentinelOne for $616.5M.

  • 7 Elements, a professional services firm focusing on penetration testing and incident response, was acquired by Redcentric for $3.1M.

  • CYR3CON, a threat intelligence data platform that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to predict attacks, was acquired by Cyber Security Works for an undisclosed amount.

  • Debricked, an open source software security platform, was acquired by CyberRes for an undisclosed amount.

  • NetCraftsmen, a professional services company focused on cloud security, was acquired by BlueAlly for an undisclosed amount.

  • Secure Halo, a consulting and managed services business focused on cybersecurity, was acquired by Mission Critical Partners for an undisclosed amount.

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